Financial and material support

Financial and material support

Material support

In our house VOYAACH we can always use the following items:

Dry food of which the date has not expired (for group meals and reception times)
Soap, shampoo, toothpaste & toothbrushes
Clothing in good and clean condition. We are experiencing a great need for men’s clothing in particular. Underwear and socks are very welcome.
Blankets and sleeping bags

You can drop these off every working day between 9h and 16h or contact us to arrange another time.

Financial Support

You can also support us financially by making a donation to BE 93 735 014 344 567. This donation is not tax deductible.

Through the Network Against Poverty, you can support us financially with a tax certificate: You can make a donation to the account number BE86 8939 4407 0450. From 40 Euro a fiscal certificate will be issued. Then you mention the project number 304 of our association Pigment.

Every donor naturally wishes to know how her/his gift will be used. We want transparency in this matter. That is why Pigment vzw is a member of Donorinfo. Donorinfo guarantees transparency as an independent body that analyzes the accounts and operations of organizations. On the website of Donorinfo all of this information is available to potential donors.