Did you know that undocumented children…

Did you know that undocumented children…

Brussels, November 20, 2017

On the International Day of the Rights of the Child, we remind you that the rights of our children, children without legal residence, are not respected.

According to Article 3 of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) – to which Belgium is a signatory – the best interests of the child must be the first consideration in all government measures concerning children. We fight so that children’s rights are respected and applied, even for children without legal residence! The Belgian government shifts its responsibilities ; we demand the right of residence for all children.

We call on you to share our flyer “Did you know that undocumented children …” to share with your network and engage in debate about it.

The Brussels Undocumented Families Group supported by Pigment vzw

(maaika@pigmentvzw.be) and Community Development Brussels/project Meeting

(ellen.deleener@samenlevingsopbouw.be in VOYAACH