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How and who we support

How and who we support

Pigment supports people who find themselves in a precarious residence and/or housing situation. It concerns a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, migration stories, residence statuses, ambitions and future perspectives. What they do have in common is that they all have to deal with some form of poverty, injustice and social exclusion.

And Pigment wants to fight this together with them! Through dialogue and encounter, through education and awareness, through action and resistance. In different ways and with different means. But always together.

By organising an accessible reception and a number of basic activities (e.g. soccer, jogging, computer lessons, cooking, etc.), Pigment wants to offer people relaxation, warmth, peace and space. Space to unite and then actively work on a number of policy themes (e.g. winter care, mental health care, vacancy,…). Space for solidarity and togetherness. Space to speak out and to fight together for a dignified existence for every human being.

Since a few years Pigment mainly supports people without legal residence.