Associations Where the Poor Speak Out

Associations Where the Poor Speak Out

Pigment is an Association Where the Poor Take the Word (VWAHWN)

Associations where the poor take the floor work according to 6 criteria, which were developed by the associations (and the people in poverty). The 6 criteria also count as a criterion to be recognized by the Flemish government.

  1. Poor unite
  2. Giving the word to the poor
  3. Working on social emancipation
  4. Working on social structures
  5. Dialogue and formation
  6. Continue to seek the poor

A more detailed explanation of the 6 criteria can be found  hier.

The main task of Pigment vzw is to use the experiences of people living in poverty to raise awareness about poverty in policy, the civil society and society and to change the situation in function of the fight against poverty.

The objectives of Pigment vzw are part of the broader vision of the Network Against Poverty of which Pigment is a member.

Read hier the full vision text of the Network Against Poverty.

Read hier The performance text of Pigment vzw.